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Proiect DCM
Projects developed by Prject DCM Foundation:

- “The Migrant Body”, European choreographic project that involves cultural operators, artists and researchers from Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Romania in a research on “the migrant body”, using in an innovative way, the language of contemporary dance and its relationship with writing and the visual arts. The project will be addressed especially for the dancers form the five participating countries, and they will have the chance to work and collaborate directly with different artists (choreographers, journalists, video artists) during 2-4 weeks choreographic residences. The residency in Romania took place on 14th – 29th November 2006, and ended with an informal presentation on 29th November 2006 at the National Dance Centre Bucharest.

- “Visa Game”, performance created in Bucharest and Paris by the choreographer Cosmin Manolescu and the French dancer Pascal Allio in collaboration with the artists Luiza Zan (voice), Vlaicu Golcea (sound universe) and Stefano Piermatteo (video and lights). The performance is part of a larger choreographic project called “The Body Politics” and carried on by Proiect DCM Foundation in 2006, that includes besides the creation of this performance, a series of performances, choreographic residences and contemporary dance workshops in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Sfantu-Gheorghe and Baia Mare. The premiere in Bucharest took place on 27th May 2006 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest.

- Proiect DCM Foundation supported the organization of the Romanian premiere of “Line of Life” choreographic piece, created by the young choreographer Adrian Stoian (National Theater Bucharest, November 12, 2005).

- “National Dance Center Bucharest”, public-private partnerships for the future of the Romanian dance. During 2005 Proiect DCM Foundation initiated a dialogue with the Minister of Culture and Cults about starting the activity of the newly institution created by MCC at the demand of civil society. The Foundation put in for a management project for the function of director but as a result of deficient organization of the contest, decided to draw its project.

- “Don’t Ask the Blond” – international co production realized in partnership with Secondo Taglio, Italy, and Kira Riikonen, Finland (January – November 2005).

- The chorographical project Wish Card took place in Bucharest between 6th – 14th  November 2005, organized by Proiect DCM Foundation and Dance Advance organization, Philaldephia.

- “Dance Discurssion” – project realized in Philadelphia and Bucharest (August – November 2005) in partnership with Dance Advance organization, Philadelphia

- Connecting Dance – Connecting Communities (July 2004). A project of professional formation and artistic collaboration between the choreographers Allyson Green and Cosmin Manolescu. The project included the organization of workshops for interested youngsters and the creation of a performance for non-conventional space. The project ended with the organization of a visual art exhibition at Galeria Noua and with the presentation of three contemporary dance performances at Bucharest and Constanta.

- Terrains Fertiles (program of choreographic residencies). In 2004 the Foundation started in collaboration with IXKIZIT (France) and InFlieger (Austria) a project of sustaining young choreographers form Romania, France and Austria with a series of choreographic residencies organized in the three countries.

- “BucurEsti.Vest” International Dance Festival, 2nd edition (October 2003). Performances from United States, France, Switzerland, Spain, Czech, Romania.

- Balkan Dance Platform, 2nd Edition - took place in Bucharest during 25th and 28th September 2003 in the opening of “BucurEsti.VEST” Festival.

- DansAcces – program to form the audience for contemporary dance (1998), program realized with Soros Foundation for Open Society’s financial support: workshops and classes  for a group of 45 high school students, performance at Ion Creanga theatre;

- Creation of “Incursiune 2” performance, with the participation of one professional dancer and one youngster with physical handicap

- Contemporary dance season (October 1998 – June 1999); project realized in collaboration with L.S. Bulandra theatre; were presented 10 performances of choreographers Mihai Mihalcea, Vava Stefanescu, Eduard Gabia, Manuel Pelmuş, Florin Fieroiu, Valentina de Piante, Damiano Foa and Olivier Renouf (France)

- Managing the dance section during the Medieval Art Festival in Sighisoara (1998)

- Workshop for dancers and people with locomotory handicaps, leaded by choreographs Daniel Aschwanden and Elisabeth Lofler, Bilderwerfer Company, workshop opened in Herastrau Park;

- Romanian Dance Platform (Bucharest, February 26th  – 28 February 1998) -
round table about “Institutional Reform in Dance”, two dance performances at the National Theatre with the participation of 16 choreographers form Bucharest, Iasi and Chisinau

- Dance studio for the choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu (January 8th – 17th 1998);

- “La première pensée” (December 1st – 7th 1997),
dance workshop leaded by the choreographers Damiano Foa and Laura Simi (France)

dans 97 workshop (October – November 1997),
free-classes for professional dancer leaded by the choreographers Florin Fieroiu and Vava Stefanescu.

- “Portuguese Contemporary Dance Days” Festival with the participation of Aldara Bizarro, Francisco Camacho, Paulo Henrique, Margarida Bettencourt, choreographs, and Ezequeil Santos (Forum Danca) and Gil Mendo, dance managers – workshops, performances at National Theatre Bucharest, round tables.

- Inter/National Contemporary Dance Center (September  1997 –  June 1999); project realized in collaboration with ArCuB – Bucharest Cultural Projects Center

Productions and co productions realized and supported by Project DCM Foundation

· Lume, chorographic project GB_RO, choreography: Charles Linehan (GB), Eduard Gabia and Florin Fieroiu (RO), original score: Alexandru Bălănescu (RO-GB), co production (October 2003)
· The New Spirit of the Balkans, choreography Ion Dumitrescu (RO) & Petja Stojkova (BG), co production RO-BG (September 2003), project realized in collaboration with Goethe Institute
· Alfred’s Best Friends, choreography Galina Borissova (BG), co-productie (June 2003), project realized in collaboration with Red House Sofia
· Paradis Serial, choreography Cosmin Manolescu (March 2003), performance co-produced in collaboration with ArCuB – Bucharest’s Cultural Project Center and European Cultural Center;
· Private Show, choreography Cosmin Manolescu (October 2002)
· Outcome, choreography Manuel Pelmuş (May 2001)
· Human zoo, choreography  Marie Gabrielle Rotie and Cosmin Manolescu (July 2000)
· Proud to be here, choreography Katharina Vogel, Elveţia (May-June 2000)
· Jurnal, choreography Damiano Foa & Olivier Renouf, France (June 1999)
· DansX, choreography Cosmin Manolescu (March 1999)
· Station Clock, choreography Florin Fieroiu, Manuel Pelmuş, Brynar Bandliem (October 1998)
· Despre tine, choreography Vava Ştefănescu (September 1998)
· Santinele: naftalină, choreography Karine Ponties (September 1998)
· Incursiune 2, choreography Cosmin Manolescu (July 1998)
· Memoria corpului secret, choreography Mihai Mihalcea (April 1998)